The Steps

Today, if you are looking for a way to live a better life and reach your life goals, you will come across a number of programs and books that claim to coach individuals into fulfilling their potential. One of the programs that you will commonly find recommended by experts and previous users is the 67 steps. The 67 steps review shows that the program is one of the easiest to use with a host of videos that offer a lot of personal experiences and anecdotes. The 67 step program will cost you about $67 but that should not scare you from purchasing the program as it is worth more than its price.

The 67 steps program is ideal for individuals who are looking to improve themselves by looking at things differently. In today’s data world, it is difficult to choose the good information from bad information. The program filters information from 67 books that Tai has described as the best saving you time. Tai has also incorporated real world experience that touches on the principles he talks about and thus, you can be assured that you are not just reading assembled information but something that has already been applied in real life. In this 67 steps program, Tai helps readers to reach a state of good life by helping them balance their health, wealth and social life.

The 67 steps key lessons

The need to know your worth: The first lesson in the 67 steps review focuses on the need to be worth something. The lesson is about individual realization focusing on the individuals’ need to invest in themselves, their health, relationships, minds and finances and the pathway to achieving their goals. Basically, the lesson teaches that for you to be successful, you must understand what you are worth and interested in achieving your worth. Tai highlights that for you to be successful; you must invest in yourself and push yourself out of the comfort zone.

The need to adapt: Change occurs naturally but the changes affect institutions and individuals differently. The 67 steps program explains that it is not the smartest or the strongest species that survive the change but those that adapt. Equally, Tai explains that failure to adapt to the changing environment will make you die in the marriage, business, life, and investments. According to the program, for you to succeed, you must survive the political, physical, social, spiritual and moral changes that occur in your environment.

The need to be humble: In this section, Tai challenges individuals on the need to remain humble. The program trains individuals to seek the inward humility, which is a realization that no one knows everything and hence, there are lessons to be learned from almost everyone.

The need to have a mentor: The program also highlights the need to have a mentor who will help you to grow and improve as a person. However, the program also highlights that you must adopt a holistic approach in order to fully grow and develop. You should spend about 33-percent of your time with individuals below your level, 33-percent of your time with individuals on your level and 33-percent of your time with people above your level.

Focus on the details: In this program, Tai highlights the need to understand the details. You must avoid the simple easy to do guides as they are basically designed to sell you something. There is nothing like instant success, you must be patient as you slowly work on your goals.

The need to overcome helplessness: In most occasions, when things are not going according to the plan, most individuals get trapped in the state of helplessness. A good example of a learned helplessness that you must strive to overcome is that of waiting for salary. To be successful, an individual must be determined to look for money and not only to rely on salary.

The need to integrate your life: The program highlights that in order to be happy, you must learn to integrate work and tasks, work and learning, work and social, and fulfillment and social. While most people seek happiness by getting something, the true happiness is a product of giving to others and bettering the lives of other people.


If you are wondering whether you should buy the 67 steps program, it is important to first understand the pros and cons of the program. The 67 steps review puts the program as one of the most detailed life improvement programs with a lot of easy to understand examples. Nevertheless, its pricing is not transparent and will charge you $67 every month unless you cancel your subscription.